Thursday, 14 June 2012

Review: The Body Shop Moringa Beautifying Oil

A couple of months ago now I received an email offering the chance to pre-order the new Body Shop Beautifying Oils. I love the Body Shop body butters and I’ve wanted to try a body oil so jumped at the offer.

The beautifying oils are dry oils which can be used on face, body and hair which are meant to moisturise, smooth and illuminate. There are 12 different scents which correspond to the usual body butter, scrub, shower gel etc scents, so there is definitely a scent for everyone. I’ve recently been loving the Moringa scent and so the beautifying oil I chose was in Moringa. 

The packaging is plain and simple which I like. The product is dispensed through a small nozzle which I feel allows you to really control how much product you want to dispense. I hate it when oily products have a great big hole to pour the product out of and it ends up going everywhere!
I have used this as a body moisturiser and on my hair but not on my face. I cannot tell you honestly how this works on the face although I would say if you suffer from very oily skin then this may leave your face looking super shiny which is not a good look. 

First of all this product smells divine! If I use this as a body oil then I don’t feel the need to wear perfume as the scent is beautiful on its own and lingers all day on the skin. I find that the oil absorbs quickly into the skin giving the skin a beautiful glow without leaving a greasy residue. This is always a plus for me as I don’t like sitting around waiting for moisturisers to sink into the skin.

Used on the hair it helps to smooth down any fly away hairs and leave it soft and shiny. The ingredients of this product are mainly nut oils and so it provides a nice amount of hydration, without weighing down the hair with heavy silicons. 

Overall I’ve really been enjoying using this product. I think it will be amazing, when the sun decides to poke its head out again, to use on tanned arms and legs for a gorgeous sheen. It’s probably not the best oil out there but for the price and it is definitely worth giving trying out these beautifying oils. 

Have you been using body oils recently? What’s your favourite?

R xxx


  1. Just got my Moringa Beautifying oil yesterday and use it today, and bouy, I think this is the best body oil i've ever tried. I love it and I use it on my face, it feels silky and it gives my skin that glowy youthful look (I am 48 years old). I'm hooked on this one!

    West Kelowna, BC

    1. It's really lovely, isn't it? I love how it makes my skin feel silky but not sticky. I'm so glad that you love it so much x

  2. Raelessi - is it an oil to help matte down and/or style hair or is an oil to put in your hair for making your hair healthier (ie you sleep overnight in it)?