I created this blog an an outlet to share my love for beauty products and to share an aspect of my life. When writing these posts I try and speak from the heart to give you, the reader, reviews and posts which are as honest and informative as possible.

The majority of items I write about in my blog I have purchased with my own money. Other items I have recieved as generous gifts from friends or family or through swaps. By whatever means I recieve the products it does not influence my opinion in any form. If I love a product it is because I genuinely love it and I'm definitely not afraid to say when something has disappointed either. When reading other blog posts I like to think that I am reading honest, well thought out reviews of items and I hope that this blog will provide the same for you.

I would never take credit for someone else's work. All the posts you have read I have written myself. The photos and images featured in my blog have all I have taken myself or else have been used with permission by those created them. I know how much time goes into making this blog, and a blog in general, so I would hate to steal other peoples writing and pictures.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little disclaimer. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and if you do then please leave me a comment or drop me an email. I love interacting with my readers.