Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Question Wednesdy: Travel Edition


Hi everyone!

So I thought I would take a quick break from the old revision to complete this weeks Question Wednesday post. As I finish my final exams on the 6th June these are probably going to be the only proper posts I will be doing for the next few weeks, which makes me a little sad. However once all the exams are over I will be back with a vengeance!

So this weeks post is all about travelling! I love travelling and am currently trying to plan a trip this summer (funds and time permitted) so I'm really excited to take part.

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

I've really been wanting to travel to Russia for a few years now and hopefully in the near future I will be able to but there is a crazy amount of red tape first which makes it a pain. I also want to visit America and travel around a there a bit. There's so many places I want to go to!
2. Where is the coolest/best place you have ever travelled?
I think my holiday to Vietnam last year was the best so far, simply because it was the furthest away from the UK I've been and somewhere entirely new to me. (I've mainly travelled around Europe)
3. How do you feel about road trips?
Ok I suppose, as long as the destination and company make up for the long and potentially boring car journey. 
4. You just won two tickets to your dream vacation, who's going with you?
Either the boyfriend or my mum. It depends where it was and for how long. Currently my dream holiday is to work with elephants in Asia somewhere but, fingers crossed, I should be doing that this summer with the boyfriend. After that, who knows?
5. Airport security is only allowing you to take 3 make-up items with you, what are they?
Mascara, eyeliner and some kind of foundation/ BB cream / tinted moisturiser I think. I definitely can't live without mascara!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks questions and as usual if you want to take part then please head on over to Nykki's blog.

Love R xxx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Question Wednesday: Pets Edition

 Hi everyone

I'm a bit late with the question Wednesday post this week but as it was all about pets I just had to take part. So here are the questions for this week:

1. How many pets do you have and what are their names?

We have 2 cats, a rabbit and a goldfish (+ my sister's dog Willow). The cats are called Schrödinger (because of Schrödinger's cat) and Dotty, the rabbit is called Coco (or fondly nicknamed Coco-no-nuts by my dad after he had his man-hood taken away) and the fish doesn't really have a name and just gets called fishy, fish or some variation.
2. Why do you have pets?
Most of our pets we've gotten because we know people who don't want them anymore and we've got a bit of a soft spot for animals and a hard time saying no. Our cats were abandoned and we took them in and the rabbit came from a friend of a friend who could no longer look after him. The fish I got when I was around 10 I think. I really miss them when I'm away at uni and the first thing I do when I come home is find them all and say hello.
3. What is your dream pet? (Breed, Kind, etc.)
I'm not sure really. I think I definitely want a couple of cats when I have my own place but there is not a specific pet I would just love to have.
4. If you could domesticate any wild animal and have it for a pet, which would it be?
Probably pretty obvious, but an elephant. I wish they had tea cup elephants as well as tea cup pigs. I would be the first person in the queue to get one, no matter the cost!
5. Let's solve the biggest pet debate: Cats or Dogs?
Before we had the cats and my sister got her dog I would have said a dog person. However I think I've become more of a cat person as they are far less high maintenance yet still give you cuddles and affection (on their terms of course!).
Dotty left and Schrödinger right stealing all the heat from our fire

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to this weeks Question Wednesday post and of course if you want to take part then head over to Nykki's blog :)

R xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Lipstick Loves: MAC Tour De Fabulous Lipglass

Hi everyone 
Over the Easter weekend Debenhams had 10% off all beauty products which is always an excuse for me to have a look at the MAC products and pick up anything that I’d been eyeing up. I ended up buying two items, one of them being the Tour de Fabulous lipglass from the Tour de Fabulous collection. So I know this isn't technically a lipstick as the title would suggest but I wanted to start a new series of posts about lip products, hence lipstick loves.


I’ve been attracted to pinky coral toned products recently and this seemed to fit my obsession quite nicely. I find the shade to be very flattering on my skin tone giving my lips a peachy glossy look. Perfect for the spring and summer months. The colour payoff is good and I don’t find the gloss to be overly sticky. I find that it lasts last for about 2-3 hours on the lips, which is pretty reasonable for a lip gloss.



Overall I’m really pleased that I picked up Tour de Fabulous. It’s such an easy colour to wear and I’ve been reaching for it regularly ever since it arrived on my door mat. 

What are your favourite lip products at the moment?