Thursday, 29 March 2012

OPI Haul

I think OPI are becoming one of my favourite nail varnish brands. Typically it would also happen to be a bit on the expensive side, however I noticed that Cheapsmells seem to have good deals on some shades and so I thought I would treat myself to a few new shades with spring in mind.

Left: Its Totally Fort Worth It, Centre: I Want to be A Lone Star, Right: Last Friday Night
The first of these is the miniature I Want to be A Lone Star from the 2011 Texas Collection. I think miniature polishes are a great way to try out a shade without committing to buying a full bottle. 

I Want to be A Lone Star, 2 coats, natural light
This colour is great for spring and summer as it is a pearlescent baby blue. The formula is quite sheer and takes a good three coats to get a nice opaque finish.

The next shade is Its Totally Fort Worth It from the 2011 Texas Collection. This is such a unique shade and I think it is the complexity that I really like about it. 

Left: On the nails in natural light, Right: Trying to capture the fine magenta microshimmer (I hope you can see!)
In the bottle it appears to be a shimmery grey colour, however on closer inspection there is a very fine magenta microshimmer. When painted on the nails this then gives a lavender taupe colour which is so pretty. Again the formulation is quite sheer and two to three coats is needed for an opaque finish.

The last shade is Last Friday Night from the 2011 Katy Perry Collection.2011 Katy Perry Collection. I must admit, I’m developing quite a love for glitter polishes (minus having to take them off!).
Three coats in natural light
On the nails this is a lot lighter than the colour in the bottle, but is very buildable – the more coats you put on the more it looks like the colour in the bottle. This has gorgeous blue, yellow and green glitter particles which are very pretty spring colours.

Part of the reason I love OPI so much is because of how long they last on my nails. All of these lasted around 3 days before chipping, which is great for me.

What OPI polishes are your favourites?

R xxx