Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Review: The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm Stick

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I was taking advantage of some of the recent savings going on at the Body Shop a couple of weekends ago and stumbled across the Born Lippy Lip Balm Stick tinted lip balms. They were advertised as a new product and I was hoping that these might be a cheaper alternative to the much anticipated Revlon Lip Butters. To say the least I was slightly disappointed.

Left: Strawberry, Right: Pink Berry
The two lip balms I chose were are Strawberry and Pink Berry. These products have a strong fruity scent, both have a berry-like scent which reminds me of gummy sweets with the Strawberry balm smelling more of strawberries and the Pink Berry balms smelling more like mixed berries. The scent is strong, and certainly not for everyone, but once on the lips I can’t really detect it. 

Swatched in natural light. Left: Strawberry, Right: Pink Berry
These really are tinted lip balms. They both have a very subtle hint of colour, with Strawberry providing a wash of pink to the lips and Pink Berry adding a frosted light pink sheen. The pigmentation isn’t fantastic, but it is noticeable (just!). 

The packaging has got to be the biggest downfall. While the plastic top is sturdy enough for me to pop these lip balms in my handbag without fear of it falling off, the twist up mechanism is awful. Once the lip balm is twisted up, any pressure applied causes it to fall back into the packaging. The only way to stop this is to keep a finger over the base while applying the balm to the lips. So annoying.

While the packaging may be frustrating, the scents not be for everyone and have relatively poor pigmentation, they do feel very good on the lips. They apply easily and leave the lips feeling so soft and hydrated. For me, when it comes to moisturising the Body Shop always knows what it’s doing and these lip balms are no exception. 

For £3 these are lovely lip balms, it’s just a big shame the packaging and pigmentation does not live up to the high expectations I have from the Body Shop.

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