Friday, 6 April 2012

March Favourites

Hi everyone!

I really enjoy putting these monthly favourite posts together, even if they are a bit late! They are some of my favourite posts to read and I really enjoy sharing everything that I’ve been using for the month. Towards the end of March I really started to get in the mood for spring and this has definitely been reflected in my choice of nail varnish. This month has also been focused on trying to get my skin back in good condition. I went through a bit of a rubbish skin phase towards the end of February and start of March and I found some products which have really helped. So lets show you everything:

Revlon Top Speed Nail Varnish in Cloud and Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Varnish in Misty Jade
I’ve really been loving pastel shades this month as they really remind me of spring. Both of these varnishes are really long wearing and have great formulation. They are both opaque in just two coats. I’ve been looking into getting some more pastel shades so if you have any recommendations then let me know!

MAC Eyeshadows in Ricepaper and Outre
I have been wearing these eyeshadows a lot this month, with Ricepaper all over the lid and then Outre through the crease. I love how well these colours work together and the bright shimmery golden effect it gives to the eye.

Sigma E40
I bought this brush back at Christmas but just couldn’t get used to it and thought it was too big. However I’ve managed to get the hang of it and have been enjoying using it to put colour through the crease. I’ve been reaching for it over my E30 pencil brush and have been loving the effect it gives.

Cowshed Grumpy Cow Uplifting Body Lotion
My sister is a Cowshed junkie and she gave me this body lotion to try. First of all it smells amazing! It has a sweet grapefruit scent and I adore grapefruit so this is perfect for me. It sinks well into the skin without being greasy. It’s the kind of body lotion that means you don’t need to wear perfume and I find myself catching the scent throughout the day. I think I may have become a Cowshed junkie too and I can’t wait to try out more from the Grumpy Cow range.

Lancome Bi-Facile and Eau Micellaire Douceur
I bought a Lancome Primer and Foundation at the start of February and received these as a free gift. I ran out of face wipes – the usual way in which I remove my makeup at the end of the day – and decided to give these ago. I’m hooked. I don’t think I will go back to face wipes now. They remove my makeup so well, without smearing it all over my face, and, since using these, my skin has been so much better. I really want to try Bioderma after I use these up. If you just use face wipes to remove your makeup then I suggest you give a micellular solution a try as the difference is amazing!

Lush Grease Lightning Cleanser
As I mentioned I was going through a bit of a rubbish skin phase, so I decided to try a spot treatment to help with all the blemishes. I have to say this has really helped. You just need to dab it on the offending area and it helps to soothe and heal the area. I wouldn’t say that it causes blemishes to disappear overnight but it definitely helps them heal faster, without drying out the skin. Definitely worth a try if you’re going through a bad skin phase.

Lush Pow Wow Lip Scrub
I’ve been using this 3 or 4 times a week to keep my lips soft and smooth. I think my favourite thing about this is the popping candy, which for me the novelty will never get old. I’m such a big kid! This can be a little messy to use but I love it.

Sweet Vegan Marshmallows
Something I bit different from the makeup and skincare but I’ve really been enjoying these marshmallows. I’m vegetarian and have been for the past 9 years. I love marshmallows and hate the way it’s really difficult to find veggie friendly ones. Sweet Vegan has been my answer to this craving and since they had a special March deal where you received 15% off your order I went for a bit of a splurge. I’ve given them to my meat eating friends and most of them have commented on how much nicer they are than regular marshmallows, so they must be good! They are a bit pricey, especially when you take postage into account, and they do take a little while to be delivered as they are handmade but if you’re on the hunt for veggie marshmallows then I highly recommend them. You can order them online here.

So that’s it for the Month of March. What were your favourites for March?

R xxx


  1. Great favourites and I'm going to check out Sweet Vegan. I'd love to find some veggie marshmallows somewhere (that don't taste like cardboard). :p Thanks. x

    1. Thank you. Definitely check out Sweet Vegan, the marshmallows are amazing! :) x