Sunday, 25 March 2012

Project Pan

I recently accepted a PhD position in London. I’m super excited to be moving to London, as well as a little apprehensive about moving to the capital. It’s something I would never have dreamt about when I started my undergraduate degree almost 4 years ago, but I feel ready for the move now. Unfortunately this will mean that I will have to move from my uni town back home over the summer before I then make the big move in September. While I was at home for Mother’s day I realised how many bottles of different products I have. It seems that while being at university I have accumulated vast amounts of products (usually due to forgetting things when travelling between uni and home and then buying more) resulting in so many half empty bottles.


So with my impending move in mind, I have decided to try and use up a lot of my products. As you can see there are a lot of products here and this probably isn’t even half of it! Eep. The news of Carmine merging with Glossybox will probably help and stop me accumulating more moisturiser samples. I was actually sad to hear this news as I have found all of my Carmine boxes to be so great. What are you opinions?

Anyway back on topic! Most of the items I have accumulated are skincare and hair care products but the aim is really to de-clutter my life a bit. I’m hoping to add a couple of makeup items in the mix as well but we’ll see what happens. I think I will try to post monthly updates on the progress I am making (or at least posting when I have accumulated a decent amount to write about). Hopefully this will help to keep me on track and prevent me going off track.

Wish me luck!


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  1. I have just started a project pan as well. It is great seeing how other people get on, it really motivates me to stay on track